Membership, Support, Job Opportunities, and Promotional Materials

Membership and Support

While our regular membership is free and open to all, we ask our AIRLEAP members to make a general statement, so that members may better understand our mission, and our membership base may have greater meaning and relevance. Your acceptance of our invitation to become a member assumes you have made this statement:

As a member of the Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics and Associated Professions (AIRLEAP) I agree: (1) To think about the principles of integrity and responsible leadership in economics and associated professions; (2) To abide by these principles whenever it is feasible to do so (without, for example, overly jeopardizing the well-being of myself or others); (3) When it is not feasible to act in accordance with such principles, to explore what actions I can take, or AIRLEAP can take, to improve the situation; (4) To speak in support of the study and promotion of integrity and responsible leadership, in a positive, professional manner, without directly or indirectly belittling, defaming, denouncing, or disrespecting any individuals or groups; and (5) To encourage myself and others to take pride in being committed to integrity and responsible leadership in economics and associated professions.

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Please Contribute to AIRLEAP If You Can.

By making membership free, AIRLEAP faces significant difficulties in raising the funds it needs to operate, even for basic expenses like maintaining its website, renting rooms for organized meetings and sessions, and distributing literature. We are a nonprofit, charitable and educational organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Job Opportunities

AIRLEAP's Voluntary Intern Program.

AIRLEAP is offering an ongoing, voluntary internship program for economics students in good standing (which includes summer internships). We would basically expect interns to commit a total of at least 120 hours of voluntary work on their own time and pace. For example, it could involve around 20 hours per week for six weeks, or 15 hours per week for 8 weeks, or 10 hours per week for 12 weeks, at the student's discretion. This would allow students the time to be a paid employee at another organization, or to serve as interns during the school year (there would be no restriction in this regard). Student interns would be welcome to list their experience with AIRLEAP on their resumes, and AIRLEAP would acknowledge your participation.

We require that voluntary interns conduct their own research, and provide a working paper of at least 5 single-spaced pages that we would post on our website with the intern listed as the author. The topic of the paper must be closely related, in some way, to AIRLEAP's mission. A voluntary intern could correspond with us remotely, and would be expected to provide a progress report on his/her working paper at least once every two weeks. We would provide help and guidance on the working paper as the research was being performed. In addition, we would not claim any copyright control over the paper.

There is no competition among voluntary interns; all individuals with good academic records and some knowledge of economics are welcome as long as they are willing to accept the time commitment and the requirement to provide an original research paper of good quality. If you are interested, email us at and please write "Volunteer Intern" in the subject line.

Call for Volunteer Authors, Copy Editors, and Researchers for a New Book.

AIRLEAP is now organizing the production of a new book, entitled: Hope for Economics: The Struggle for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in the World's Most Influential Discipline . This will be an edited volume, consisting of chapters from several authors. The chapters will address a wide range of topics that pertain to integrity and responsible leadership in economics and associated professions. The book will be designed under the guidance of AIRLEAP's Board of Directors who have extensive experience in this area.

Hope for Economics will cover the same major areas that are listed in AIRLEAP's annotated bibliography : I. How Economics Classes Are Taught; II. Economics as an Objective Science; III. Breadth of Economists' Perspectives; IV. Usefulness of Economic Discourse; V. How Ideas are Recognized and Rewarded; VI. Funding of Economic Research; VII Contracted Economic Studies; VIII. Economic Statistics; IX. Job Market for Economists; and X. Economics and International Relations. The book will include both newly written papers and reprints of published articles.

AIRLEAP will be the listed author of Hope for Economics, and will acknowledge the individual authors of each chapter. AIRLEAP will promote the book heavily in support of its mission. Contact if you would like to help as a volunteer author, copy editor, or researcher, writing in the subject line, "Volunteer for HFE."

Other Volunteers Needed

Please contact us if you would like to help in organizing our meetings, preparing our newsletter, contributing to our research efforts, or participating with us at economic conferences.

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Volunteers are encouraged to distribute our pamphlet

Promotional Materials

AIRLEAP is selling t-shirts and mugs! See page 3 of the December 2007 newsletter . Note, the costs of membership mentioned in the newsletter is no longer applicable -- the mugs and t-shirts, however, are available at the prices specified.

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